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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

Pursuant to Art. 480 of the Insurance Code, the compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance covers the liability of the insured persons for damages caused in the territory of all Member countries of the Green Card system. It provides cover in accordance with the law in the country where the event has occurred. The MTPL Insurer of the liable party covers the damages caused to property and persons which have been incurred as result of a traffic accident.

The Member states of the EEA, including Switzerland, Andorra and Serbia, have signed Section III of the Internal Regulations of the Council of Bureaux according to which, if a motor vehicle normally based in one of the countries above enters the territory of another of these countries, its owner or driver shall be deemed automatically insured under MTPL Insurance.

A Green Card certificate is issued together with the compulsory MTPL insurance policy without an additional fee or payment.

Frontier Insurance

Where a motorist operating a motor vehicle which is normally based on the territory of a Third country has entered the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria without an insurance policy valid for the Republic of Bulgaria, covering their liability for any property or non-material damages caused to third parties as a result of the owning and/or the usage of the motor vehicle or whose MTPL insurance policy has expired during his stay in Bulgaria, the latter will be obliged to obtain a Frontier Insurance policy at the border control checkpoint.

The insurers have no right to issue Frontier Insurance policies to motor vehicles which are normally based on the territory of a Member country or other countries whose National Bureaux have signed the Multilateral Agreement.

The Frontier Insurance is issued to a single motor vehicle for a term no shorter than one month and no longer than three months. It can be reissued in such a way that the total term of all the insurance policies issued for this motor vehicle does not exceed six months within one calendar year. The insurance policy becomes valid with the date and time of its issue and shall be terminated at 24:00 hrs on the date of expiry listed in the contract.

Should the period of cover of a Frontier Insurance policy expire before the Insured leaves the territory of Bulgaria, the latter shall be obliged to conclude a new Frontier Insurance policy before expiry of the existing one.

An International Green Card certificate is issued along with the Frontier Insurance policy on which the Third countries are obliterated.

The Premium on Frontier Insurance cannot be differed and is payable at the conclusion of the insurance contract.

In the event of an accident the Insured shall:

  • address his Insurer on MTPL Insurance when the accident occurred in the territory of Bulgaria


  • address the National Green Card Bureau of the corresponding country. Information about all National Bureaux could be seen at the back of the Green card certificate.

The driver is obliged to always carry the policy together with the Green Card certificate and show it at request of the authorized authorities for inspection.

Green Card

The Green Card certificate is an international insurance certificate issued under the authority of one of the 48 National Bureaux of the Green card system. It complies with the provisions of Recommendation No. 5 adopted on 25 January 1949 by the Working Party of the Inland Transport Committee of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations.

The Green Card certificate is recognized by the governments of all Members countries of the Green Card system  as a document certifying that its holder has a valid MTPL policy covering the minimum limits of liability required by the law of the visited country.

The Green Card certificate covers the liability of the driver of a motor vehicle in a third country in case of a property damages and/or personal injuries caused to other persons.

The Green Card certificate is issued together with the MTPL policy at no additional premium or another payment. Crossing off of country codes in box 8: Territorial Validity of the Green Card certificate is not allowed.

The Green Card certificate is mandatory when travelling in countries from the system, namely:

Azerbaijan Albania Belarus  United Kingdom
Israel Iran Morocco Moldova
Russia North Macedonia Tunisia Turkey
Ukraine Montenegro    


Kosovo is not a member of the Green Card system. Drivers of motor vehicles with Bulgarian registration plates who intend to enter this territory must obtain a MTPL policy for insurance valid for Kosovo upon entry at the border control checkpoint.

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